Adrienne and Michelle - Injuries? What Injuries?

This is what happens to your body during the grueling 500 hours of prep needed to run the race.

With the eyes on successfully completing the Run with Marines marathon, Adrienne and Michelle were dedicated to training. 

They began training together averaging 9:15 minutes per mile, which if you have run a marathon, that's impressive. However impressive, they knew they were capable of more, of being faster and of being better. #IDDE if you don't mind me saying. 

While pushing themselves to their limits, they both began to feel the effects of training... Michelle suffered a hip injury and was forced, briefly, to rest while she recovered. Adrienne suffered a foot injury, despite this, she laughed in the face of 'a minor injury' and pushed through. Adrienne continued to train solo until Michelle's fierce resolve brought her back. 

Like it was said in the beginning, This is what happens to your body during the grueling 500 hours of prep needed to run the race. Despite these injuries, they both still continued training and completed the marathon. 

As you could imagine, they both should need a couple of months of rest but, considering they live the I Don't Do Easy way of life, we all know that won't happen ;)

Adrienne and Michelle Don't Do Easy. 

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