About Us

Our primary goal is to inspire a community of those who DON’T DO EASY.

People fighting through cancer, or other debilitating diseases DON’T DO EASY. Any person who has aspirations of becoming a pro athlete lives every day following the rule of “DON’T DO EASY”.  A child of poverty who was gifted with a tremendous mind must beat the odds every day earning good grades to have the chance of being accepted at a top university. They achieve their goals by living the DON’T DO EASY mantra.

NOT DOING EASY is a way of life! You fight for what you want.

Success Stories

Tom Morano Doesn't Do Easy.

Throughout my life there has been many difficult times to work through, this is one I am sharing with you... 

I had the bad habit of driving with one hand on the wheel, and in 1988, I was involved in a T-bone automobile accident. A car ran a red light, and I tensed up a few seconds before the impact, and that destroyed my left shoulder.   

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10% of our net profit will go to charity. We have picked three charities and will donate the proceeds equally amongst the three.  

1. St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital 
2. Susan G Komen Breast Cancer
3. Concussion Legacy Foundation